National Upcycling Day

Promoted by Gumtree; as part of National Recycling Week, the first National Upcycling Day aimed to inspire the British public to tap into their creative juices, do away with standard flat pack furniture and find unique treasures in need of a new lease of life.

I started the day in my garden, watering my plants, and spotted an initially uninspiring old plastic watering can with a large hole in the base. As soon as I saw it, I decided there and then that although a real challenge, it was a prime candidate for an upcycle and took it to my workshop to consider my options!

I started by cutting it into parts. I then went about building a ‘shed tidy’ from the parts plus a range of bits and pieces found lurking in my workshop!

The result was a wall mounted one off product which could be used to hang/store a whole range of items in ‘Dad’s’ shed!

I did this one just for fun and to enter into the spirit of the day, with the results tweeted to my followers, Gumtree and fellow upcyclers!