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Established in 2014, UNIQ has grown to be one of the UK’s leading Upcycling brands known for its high quality furniture and unique, bespoke products. All of my projects are designed using reclaimed and salvaged donor furniture and materials. Sustainability, re-use and recycling are at the heart of what I do!


  • I founded UNIQ in 2014 having been made redundant from a twenty eight year, Design and Technology teaching career based in London, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire schools.
  • Starting the business turned a negative situation into a positive, new future!


  • Born in Swansea in South Wales, I served a tool-making apprenticeship on leaving school with Austin Rover (Pressed Steel Fisher), followed by qualifications in Mechanical and Production Engineering.
  • I then qualified as a teacher of Craft Design and Technology at Avery Hill College (Greenwich University) in South London.
  • The final ‘string to my bow’ being a Garden Design and Management qualification at Pershore College of Horticulture.


  • Every day in the UK and globally schools, businesses and industry dispose of quality, usable furniture when refitting, upgrading and developing their facilities.
  • UNIQ aims to stop this furniture from reaching landfill and offer organisations a greener alternative to disposal.
  • My aim is to restore, repair, refurbish and upgrade salvaged and reclaimed items to their former glory and beyond, for a sustainable new future!


  • I have a large stock of donor items which I use in my commission work reclaimed  / salvaged from schools and industry.
  • I repair a wide range of furniture, both simple and complex repairs and can refurbish items to customer requirements.
  • I can produce bespoke / one-off pieces for both private and commercial customers and am open to all ideas, large or small, simple or quirky!


UNIQ is an award winning environmentally sound and sustainable business which benefits its suppliers (schools, business and industry) and customers who can buy high quality, pre-owned furniture, knowing that they are giving it a second lease of life!

I repair, refurbish, upcycle and restyle furniture to its former glory and beyond!


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